Fullestop Reviews - Beware of this Web Development Company from India!

If you are considering Fullestop.com for your next ecommerce, community or personal website project, be careful and do your research properly before hiring this Indian company - I'm yet another victim of the Fullestop scam.

Do not base your decision solely on Fullestop reviews on Elance with a profile that is full of nearly perfect 5 star ratings, as this is indeed too good to be true.

For $4000, two months of 'baby sitting' their developers (even though they allocated Durgesh as a personal project manager for my ecommerce website development) and many payment requests for incomplete milestones, they delivered nothing workable but some basic sliced CSS HTML files (something you can get done 'hassle-free' in a week's time for less than $1000). Their Fullestop (delivering promises) slogan is ironically an outright lie!

Then after spending all the time and money which we agreed upon for complete development and delivery, they quit the project leaving progress in the middle. Now I'm stuck with their codes that do not work and that no other good web developer wants to work with, because it would be even faster and cheaper to start from scratch.

Fullestop Complaints by Customers

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Since I placed my feedback on Elance and suggested other do Google search for "Fullestop Complaints" it seems they have done a pretty good SEO work to burry truthful reports on the internet and replace them with fake positive reviews. Make sure to check the list of consumer reports below for REAL Fullestop reputation.

  1. Fullestop Scam Report by Andy from SkuxOnline.com (lost $8,000 USD)
  2. Fullestop Complaints from a UK website client, Paul Chapman, who was (ripped off £10,000 GBP)

My Own Fullestop Consumer Reports Proof

To proove that I have truly hired this company and indeed paid them nearly $4000 USD - not just anyone trying to damage Fullestop branding image, here is the link to my project concerned on Elance:


  1. Scroll down, click on awarded contractor 'Fullestop'
  2. Under 'Job History' click on 'View all'
  3. Look for project called "Develop Custom eCommerce CMS for Stock Image Website" to find the feedback I left (it may or may not be on the first page, so make sure to click on the next page if you don't see it straight away).

It all began in early February 2012 when I was looking for an experience web developer to create a website to sell file downloads using Codeigniter framework, as there were many customized features.

After few weeks of screening and interviewing dozens of prospective contractors on Elance.com, Fullestop appeared to be the most capable company to take on this coplex task.

Initially, just like many other clients, I trusted their good profile reviews, over 25% client retention rate, big freelance earnings (over $300,000 lifetime earning - now they made it 'Private'), high earning level per customer, a flash and professional looking website at fullestop.com that seems to get some decent actual traffic (based on Alexa ranking and SEMRush) and most of all, their very high Elance skill test results (PHP5 top 1%, MySQL top 1%, HTML top 1%).

Due to busy schedule, I'll update this site over the next few weeks with a full story and more details on how they tried to trick me into a payment scam so that they would get me to mark project as canceled (even though I paid nearly $5000 at that point) and I wouldn't be able to leave any feedback about what happened - which they ultimately failed.

My Feedback Review On Elance for Fullestop

Long story short, for some malicous reasons, Fullestop even managed to get Elance to remove my feedback of them, fortunately I spotted that and contacted Elance, though it took me a month to get the feedback restored, by which time it was already pushed down to page two and not many people saw it.

That's how I suspect Fullestop managed to hide so many negative reviews they truly deserve. But here is how mine looks like:

WARNING: I have lost $4000. DO NOT waste your time, effort and money on these guys for medium to big web development projects. They will 1). Frustrate you with empty promises 2). Demand money upfront 3). Deliver codes full of bugs that do not follow best coding practices. 4) Quit project in the middle after spending all your money and wasting all your time. 5) Try to scam you into payment agreements so they can shut you up and game Elance rating system. I'm not the first victim, just search Google for "Fullestop Complaints" yourself and check out [obscured] for my full story. If they do make excuses by blaming me, just check my profile - this is the first time I have to place negative feedback on Elance after having hired dozens of contractors.

As far as Elance is concerned, it's all about money they make, they don't really care whether people are being ripped off or not.

The only thing I trust from Elance feedback history these days is how many projects are completed and given feedback vs those that aren't - if you see too many projects with "working" or "cancelled" status, it could probably mean the customer was ripped off and never got a chance to place feedback or his/her feedback was malicously removed by Fullsetop contacting Elance and telling a false story, without the customer ever noticing.

If anything I've learned is that all the positive feedbacks on Elance are very easy to game, you can hire people to create fake projects and boost your feedbacks for penies.

Fullestop Complaints from Other Clients

Here are links to more complaints already posted on the internet even before I hired this company (I wish I had found this before):

Stay Away From Fullestop !!! Complaints (also on WebHostingTalk.com)

Another client who reported Fullestop took all the money while only delivering 50% completed project. Quoting this person's own words:

I suspect that their good client ratings are mostly fraudulent

PHP AJAX Programmers needed immediately - another failed Elance project by Fullestop (1.5 rating out of 5)

Quoting client's feedback report:

Frankly, I advise anyone who is ever looking for outsourcing their work to India, to be be much more carefule than working with companies like this one. 1. Schedule was completely optional 2. Excuses were made on constant basis 3. Programmers skimmed over directions whether the result made sense or not 4. Testing was non existent, we spent days on testing and letting them know when they haven't finished or tested 5. 3 week project was not completed in 5 weeks. 6. They are smooth talkers and will assure you they are serious but they don't produce. 7. Provided 60% of hours that they claimed on time sheets 8 Rip-off = Beware 9. ELANCE- please do some quality control here or you'll lose clients like us.

New Online Designer for Customized Products - yet another Elance project (1 star rating):

After this project was more than 30 days overdue, I expected to at least see a remarkable product since I was so patient with their delays. To my dismay, it was horrible, completely unusable and still unfinished. I missed my deadline, and so I canceled this project. Their lack of communication, unprofessionalism, inability to adhere to time constraints, and worst of all, their lack of knowledge to perform the programming tasks that they bid on had cost me a lot of time and money.

Fullestop can only do simple and basic stuffs, like converting HTML to wordpress theme (and they do a very poor job of it), that's why they have positive feedbacks (from uninformed customers who can't review the codes themselves or from big companies who have huge budgets but are non-tech-savvy), but if you have anything slightly more than ordinary, it's likely you are in for a scam. That has been my experience.

Their development work may be functional from hindsight, but the code is truly a mess (does not comply to the web standards), and is vulnerable to the simplest hacks such as MySQL injections.

The Verdict

If you would like more reference details or report your story on how Fullestop scammed you to help and warn others, please do not hesitate to email me at: