Fullestop Complaints by UK Web Client
(Lost £10,000 GBP)

Another real Fullestop complaint story from a customer in the UK who was scamed approx. £10,000 after being quoted 296 hours of work from this Indian web development agency...

Enters Paul Chapman:

I took on fullestop back in February 2008 to build a large website for a new business venture. They promised that it would involve 296 hours of work.

In June 2009 (16 months later) I finally got tired of their endless delays and excuses and fired them from the project. I couldn't believe the shoddiness of their work. They were giving me address fields with the town at the top then the address line under it and these are supposed to be professional experienced web designers. In the end they cost me a fortune and now over 5 years on I am still in debt because of them. Fullestop are a joke. Their work is to an extremely low standard, the only thing they are good at is coming up with excuses.

This is a quote from just one of many many emails I sent their director :

"I have decided that enough is enough. For some unknown reason you have either no interest in finishing my site or no ability whatever in website development. Every single aspect of this site either still has or has had problems. Everything needs to be sent back to you and when it comes back it is still wrong. Your QA system is a joke. If things are tested why don't they work? Don't you have any common sense at all or any idea about logical work flow? I have never known any thing like this. You originally quoted me 296 hours work. You started in February!!! You say that you never lie to me. That in itself is a lie. Few promises you make are ever kept. Yes occasionally you do things when you say you will but then THEY ARE DONE WRONG. What good is that? I actually went through every file looking for places where you have spelt my company name wrong. I stopped counting when the number went past 200. Almost every alt tag was misspelled. You may think thats unimportant but as you should know search engines read alt tags. Not only that but on 2 occasions the email address was musiconnections.com. We are NOT .com but .co.uk. Does nothing get checked in your organisation? You obviously care very little about accuracy or the effects these mistakes have on a website's efficiency and search engine ratings. Do you seriously consider yourselves to be an efficient web design company??

If so FINISH MY SITE. FULLY working. FULLY tested. And do it by the weekend. If you can't not only will I go elsewhere to get it completed and not pay you a penny more but I will also forbid you from featuring this on your site as an example of your work. I will also publish and market a blog online detailing every one of your many hundreds of inefficiencies. This is not slander as I have months worth of emails proving every aspect of your failures. That is how strongly I feel I have been let down by you. You don't seem to realise that you are actually ruining my life. I have NO money left to pay for marketing since you won't finsh my site to allow me to earn money to pay for food for my family and marketing for this business. I am having daily rows with my wife about how useless you are and so on. I feel like I am stuck in a hole with you looking down at me and laughing. Give me one good reason why I should continue to put up with such an inefficient organisation."

It would be great to bring these cowboys down but they are based in India and still trading. I estimate that they cost me at least £10,000 in lost income not to mention such a long time of aggravation. By comtributing to Fullestop complaints here I hope it will help others avoid being ripped off by this costly Indian web agency. So please feel free to post this anywhere you like. I can back it all up.

Paul Chapman
( paul [at] paul-chapman.org )

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