Fullestop Scam Complaint by a Customer

This letter was sent to us by an unlucky customer who has lost $8,000 USD to the Fullestop online web development scam.

Enters Andy from SkuxOnline.com:

Dear Fullestop Reviews,

I want to share my terrible experience working with Fullestop, both in order to warn potential customers out there, and to vent my frustrations with them. They took an enormous amount of money and delivered nothing of value. If anyone from the company eventually reads this review, I would also appreciate them compensating me for the time and money that I wasted on them.

I first approached Fullestop in December 2011, to design and develop a customised CMS website for our Australian fashion label. My first contact with the company was Rahul Mehta, the company director, who answered all my questions and concerns, before referring me to Akhilesh Sharma, who was assigned as our project manager. It took almost six weeks (after my first deposit of $2,650) for me to see the first draft of the website. All they sent me was a JPEG screenshot of the home page. The colours and the overall layout were extremely poor and shoddy, and certainly not what I was expecting from a web development company of this calibre. Moreover, it was completely unrelated to the brief we had sent them, apart from the page titles. We ended up hiring an independent designer in Australia to handle the design aspect of the website.

After the welcoming start, with Rahul sweet-talking me in a soft, gentle tone, answering all my questions and concerns politely, only a few months into development he refused to reply to my emails. Only when I called him from halfway around the world would he give me any sort of update on the project. Akhilesh, my "Project Manager"?, also seemed like a nice guy at first, however, all my problems had to be addressed to Rahul to be resolved. Rahul delayed work and design approvals continuously with all sorts of excuses, whether because he was away on business leave or because he was suddenly ill. Rahul requested payment at every stage of the way, and I paid every time. To this day, I have paid a total of $8000 US over five different stages. While they seemed to be very laid-back about delivering results, they were fairly organised and insistent about being paid on time. They demanded that we transfer money to their Australian representative, while weaseling out of requests on our part to see results.

At no point would Rahul email me update me on what was happening. When I asked him to fix anything, it took weeks until anything actually happened. I honestly don't think that their motto "Delivering promises" is accurate: it's more a case of them "Delivering problems", and giving their clients a headache while they're at it.

The bottom line is that they eventually delivered nothing that I could use, except for a failed website that was pretty much sliced-up PSD files of the design I provided myself. All they were responsible for was to implement my design and to create a backend tailored to my business needs, and they couldn't even do that. Again, I paid $8,000 US for a website with a “custom management system” which was more-or-less a replica of Magento. The backend wasn't even tailored for our company, half the functions weren't tied in, and it proved to be impossible to use.

The company was a farce and their work was a failure. Finally, we had to scrap the entire project. I have since hired a UK developer, and we'll be running our site on the Shopify platform. He has charged me a quarter of what I paid Fullestop and we are currently in beta. The site looks fabulous, and has only taken four weeks to deliver. I have wasted an enormous amount of time, energy and money in this failed venture, and feel exploited and exhausted. As I said at the beginning, I'm writing this review for the benefit of anybody out there who is thinking of doing business with them. My advice is to stay well away and spend your money elsewhere.

From Andy
Skux Clothing Company.

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